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Bishop Verot Council # 5845
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September 27th, 1949: First, Second and Third Degree Initiations, Council 2012, Jennings, Louisiana.


February 1951 – January 1955: USAF, Korean Conflict


September 1955 – June 1959: Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at

University of Southwest Louisiana, Lafayette


1961: Participated in fund raising drive with John Buckley and others for construction of Ascension Church in Eau Gallie, Florida.


1961: Participated in fund raising drive with John Buckley and others for construction of Ascension Church in Eau Gallie, Florida.


1962: Participated in fund raising drive with George Lane and others for construction of  Holy Name of Jesus Church, Canova Beach, Florida.


1962: Led work party to dig trenches and install the first sprinkler system, planted 6 Norfolk Island Pine trees and landscaped front area of Holy Name of Jesus Church.


1963 – 1979: “PROMOTER” & participant of  the annual fall Men’s Week End Retreats at “OUR LADY OF FLORIDA RETREAT HOUSE, in North Palm  Beach. Also included informative presentations followed by discussions related to on-going activities in the church, such as, Vatican Council II activities (1962 – 1965.)


1964 - 1965: Transferred into Father Gabriel Council, Melbourne, Florida. Jerry McDonald was the Grand Knight. PGK Hal Bryant nominated Richard Dietz to office of ‘Recorder”, which he served as until 1966. Tim Eason, William Neale, Phillip Whitaker, Clement Di Loreto and Richard Dietz led the effort to form a new Council at Canova Beach.


1966: Council 5845 was founded at Holy Name of Jesus Church with 67 Chartered 



1966: Quest for Council name: Charley Linton and I led the effort to name Council #5845. After historical facts were gathered on various people in search of a high profile Catholic leader to name our Council. Bishop Augustin Verot was proposed

and selected by the Council because of his accomplishments on the international stage; France; United States during the Civil War and Reconstruction; Bishop of Savannah, Georgia; Vicar Apostolic of Florida (1857- 1870); First Bishop of St. Augustine Diocese (1870-1876); and participation in the First Vatican Council in Rome. (He championed the cause of homeless Civil War families despite negative comments in the Post Civil War press.)


         Note: From the 10-acre purchase in 1961, Holy Name of Jesus Parish was in the

         Diocese of St Augustine until 1968 when it was annexed as part of  the Diocese of



1966 – 1967: Served as Advocate of Bishop Verot Council

1967 – 1968: Served as Deputy Grand Knight of Bishop Verot Council

1968 – 1969: Served as Grand Knight of Bishop Verot Council


As third Grand Knight, Richard Dietz continued in successfully organizing the physical might of Council members (work parties) in responding to projects essential in improving our parish as identified by our pastor, Father Martin Power. (We volunteered without being asked.)


Some examples; 1963 – 1964: Cleared the grounds where school rooms and portable buildings were to be built; Clearing the area west of the convent and installing playground equipment for the school; Buying government surplus metal containers to welding up as bar-be-cue pits and grills for the Bazaars; Collected hickory and other hard woods to fire the bar-be-cue pits and grills.


At the Bazaars, Brother Dave Barrett (father of Joe Barrett, who later became a priest from our parish) always manned the announcement booth announced “Come get your tickets for the delicious bar-be-cue dinner and enjoy the famous onion bar-be-cue sauce that has been in Dick Dietz’s family for over 400 years!”


1967: Brother Bob Rowlette of OK Tire learned that I had obtained permission from the Florida East Coast Rail Road (FECRR) to pick up about 100 used rail road ties after the 1962 derailment in Rockledge and built a log cabin as a family hobby shop and for my children to play in. In 1967 when a hurricane eroded a section of the track near Micco, Bob asked if I would get permission to pick up enough to make a similar log cabin for his eleven children. Permission was granted by FECRR. Bob made arrangements with Brothers Don & Jack Beyer of South Patrick Hardware for he and I to use their flat bed truck on Sunday afternoons to haul 88 ties to Bob’s residence.


The cabin Bob built accommodated a bar-be-cue and grill, etc. below and bunk beds in the loft. The cabin was enjoyed by Bob’s eleven children and their friends for 15 years until it was dismantled in 1982.


When I see Mike and his brothers at “Mike’s A.O.K Tire and Auto Repair shop”, they tell me stories, reminiscing about the fun and good times they had with family members and their friends in the so called log cabin.


1968 – 1969: Accomplishments while Grand Knight: Convinced Father Martin Power to join Bishop Verot Council and become our first Chaplain; Established our Non-Profit Corporation in State of Florida; Established a Building Fund Account and deposited $1000.00; Nominated and campaigned for Tim Eason, candidate for State Deputy. (Tim won and later became a Director on the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus for 10 years, until 1980.)


With help of Carlo Mayer (development contractor), we loaded tractor/trailer twice with coquina boulders in Titusville, transported and unloaded boulders as part of the Holy Name of Jesus Parish landscape; Won our first “Star Council Membership Award”;


In 1968, we joined in a car caravan and escorted Father Martin B. Power to the Cathedral-Basilica of the Diocese of St. Augustine where Bishop Joseph Hurley elevated Father to Monsignor.


In 1969, Monsignor Martin B. Power was reassigned to St. Joseph’s Church in Lakeland Florida.


In 1970, 4.3 acres, including the Greystone Apartments were purchased. PGK Dick Dietz with the help of members of the Bishop Verot Council, formed work parties to trim trees, clear the grounds and buildings for conversion to a priest residence and parish offices.


November 4th, 1970: Richard Dietz’ father died.


January 14th, 1971: Msgr. Martin B. Power’ letter: “I want to express my sympathy with you on the death of your father. While aware that no words of mine will lessen the pain of his absence, I want you to have the consolation of my expression of sorrow.” “Dick, I’m reminded as I write to you of the many favors you extended to me while at Holy Name and of your marvelous work for the church. Your father should have been proud of such a son.”


This letter also is a tribute to the many members of the Bishop Verot Council for their “marvelous work for the church” for more than a decade.  


Note: I consider Msgr. Power’s letter as recognition and affirmation of my greatest achievement…..


          I.E., Above any of the 21 “Achievement Awards” I received during my

                 professional career as an Electrical Engineer and Engineering    

                 Management, from all levels of NASA management, a number of

                 Astronauts and including one from President Jimmy Carter.


March 22nd, 1972: Our beloved friend, former pastor of Holy Name and Bishop Verot Council Chaplain, Msgr. Martin B. Power died. Members of our Council joined in a car Caravan to journey to Lakeland to pay our final respects to him.


November 1990: Retired from NASA after thirty one and one-half years of government service.


December 1990: Purchased Knights of Columbus Whole Life Insurance policies for my wife and I.


January 15th, 2002: As a member of HNJ Evangelization Committee, I delivered a presentation to Bishop Verot Council members and their wives at the American Legion Post. The presentation paraphrased the report of the 119th Annual Meeting Report in the Knights Of Columbus Magazine Columbia “CHURCH’S NEW EVANGELIZATION CALLS KNIGHTS TO  PUT OUT INTO THE DEEP”; “What Evangelization Means”; “Three Keys to Effective Evangelization”; and “Two Styles of Sharing Your Faith with Courage.” (Handouts were provided.)


November 2002, Bishop Verot Council NewsLetter: Included my Letter encouraging the council to move back to Holy Name of Jesus.


November 5th, 2002: Tuesday, Council members voted to approve the move back to Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church.


August 7th & 8th, 2007:

> Recorded 6 hours of video of Knights of Columbus, 125th Supreme Council    

   Convention, Nashville Tennessee;

> Had DVD made of the 6-hour convention activities;

> Prepared a one-page narrative “OVERVIEW” of the 6-hour convention 

> Prepared a seven-page narrative synopsis of the 140 worldwide subjects  

   reported on during convention activities.

> Made Presentations at several council meetings

> Copies of the narratives and DVD were provided to Council members, including

   to District Deputy, Don Carothers.


April 26th, 2008: Initiated in the 4th Degree and became a member of the John F.  

      Kennedy Assembly in Melbourne, Florida.


May 23rd – 25th, 2008: Delegate to the Florida State Convention and prepared an 

      oral and written report, including the synopsis of 20 activity reports.


As member of the 2009 Nominating Committee, I led the preparation of a

unique email for transmission to each prospective candidate for Council Office.

The Emails spelled out Special Skill Requirement, Duties and Responsibilities and District Deputy’s charge during installation.


May 22nd – 24th, 2009: Delegate to the Florida State Convention and prepared an oral and written report, including the synopsis of 20 activity reports.


July 7th, 2009: Participated in mandatory training session for all elected officers and Councils in District 38. The training for Grand Knight to Inside/Outside Guards as well as Financial Secretaries, called the “SURGE” Program.

[Sponsored by William A. Sukell (Past State Deputy), Regional Program Consultant (Supreme Council) together with Florida State Council Officers and District Deputies.]


December 19th, 2009: At the Grand Knight’s Christmas Party, District Deputy Don Carothers presented an inscribed plaque “Florida State Council, Knights of Columbus, District 38, Honors Richard Dietz for 60 years of outstanding service of charity, unity and fraternalism”


Also, at the Christmas Party Don Carothers, Delegate to the 127th Supreme Convention, August 6-8, 2009, Phoenix, Arizona gave his VHS recording of the of the convention to Richard Dietz to supplement his 125th convention data and information.


Active Honorary Life Member of the Bishop Verot Council #5845;

Active member of the John F. Kennedy Fourth Degree Assembly #1593

and Fourth degree Color Guard.